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The Horse Crazy business started in 2004 with one product (a poster) and just a handful of stores. There are now almost a hundred products being sold through approximately 150 stores in Australia , New Zealand , Ireland and the UK .

Louise creates the designs and dreams-up the slogans. Her partner, David, handles the business side.

Louise has always loved riding and sketching horses. At age 8 she became horse crazy. At age 14 she won the school art prize for drawing (you guessed it) HORSES. Still horse crazy Louise loves riding her warmblood mare, Florence , or David's thoroughbred gelding, Oscar.

The future will see more products, more countries, and of course more horsey fun.

Louise riding Florence
Louise riding Florence

Funny Horsey Bumper Stickers, Birthday Cards, Greeting Cards and other Cool Horse and Pony Stuff

All products designed and printed in Australia
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